BIOREGIONALISM: Land-Based Direct Democracy

The Three C’s of Utopia Now:

  • COMMONS. return all land and buildings to community ownership and control.
  • COOPERATION. not competition, the attitude of community is mutual aid. Co-ops, not corporations.
  • COUNCILS. decentralize state power. Local council direct democracy.

After 500 years of globalization, we are still stuck at the very worst point between the former age of numerous tiny, localized, separated, independent cultural groups, and the current globalized condition of approximately 200 states driven by the forces of imperial capitalism and the global money system, with nuclear weapons and barbed wire at their borders.

Mark Mason offers analyses of United States domestic and foreign policies for the international news media. He was trained as a biological anthropologist educated at the University of California, Berkeley, and recently engaged in the Occupy and bioregional green and peace social movements. Due to a commitment to direct dialogue on important international policy issues, Mark has appeared on Al-Etejah TV, Russia Today, Voice of Russia radio, as well as on Life News Russia, AcTVism Munich News, Nuestra Tele Noticias NTN24 Colombia, The Real News Network, and Radio 786 Capetown, South Africa, and KQED Forum in San Francisco, California.

Information about:

Atmospheric CO2

Global Warming and the Sixth Mass Extinction

—Statement for the Press— With intent to openly communicate with foreign media (non-US media), I have no association with the US government or any institution directed by or funded by the US government. My worldview is what I call meta-national or bioregional, not international or national. My goal is to address human conflicts from the perspective of universal moral principles, direct democracy, cooperation, and sustainability. I reject capitalism, the state system, and the money system driving the entire planet toward world war, economic collapse, and ecosystem collapse.

I advocate bioregionalism. I was educated in earth science and human evolution at the University of California, Berkeley. I have an interest in understanding human power systems, Western capitalism, and in the realities of the Western system of indoctrination at home and imperialism abroad as these institutions pertain to the core of global conflicts.

Recent publications:
Demystifying US and Israeli Power
Exiled on Main Street: Urban Utopian Insurrection

Mark Mason is available to the international news media to discuss a variety of US government policies and US culture. Recent interviews have covered the following topics:
  • USA Presidential Election 2016
  • Brexit and the future of the European Union
  • Global Warming: Collapse, Ecocide, Mass Extinction
  • ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Gaza, and US Middle East Policy
  • Western US public lands management: BLM, NPS, USFS
  • Gun Violence, Gangs, and War on Drugs
  • Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, NPT, Disarmament, Iran
  • Constitution, Corporate Power, and Elections
  • CIA Drone Assassination Program, War on Terror
  • Guantanamo Prison, US Rendition and Torture
  • Occupy Movement, Street Dissidents, Baltimore, Ferguson
  • Education, Student Debt, and Scientific Research Funding
  • DHS, FBI, NSA, and Militarized Police and National Guard
  • Assault on Human Rights and Constitutional Rights
  • NSA, Snowden, Manning, WikiLeaks, Civil Liberties
  • US Military and Economic Geopolitics, NAFTA, TPP
  • Oil and US Empire: Domestic, Geopolitical Empire
  • US Domestic Politics, Elections, Federal Budget
  • Racism - Immigration: Economic, Political, and Social Inequality
  • Propaganda Function of the Corporate Mass Media in America
  • Cultural Attitudes and Public Opinion: Americans, Who Are We?

Dr. Mason offers a perspective on US culture and government policies from outside the corporate-state ideologies of global empire. Mark brings a scholarly, principled, historical, humanist, and ecological perspective to current events. He has been engaged in peace and justice activist movements since the late 1960’s when he joined college student protests against the US attacks on Vietnam.

Mark lives in the San Francisco Bay area in California, USA. He has taught anthropology and human evolution at Sacramento State University, Sacramento College, and the College of Marin.

It is doubtless, and without exaggeration, that we humans have entered the most important period in our six-million-year evolutionary history. In an era of global capital, global warming, and global warfare, decentralized economic and state power offer hopes for increased democracy and ecological restoration.

War and poverty, international conflicts and extreme wealth inequality, are products of the patriarchal capitalist socio-economic system. To build peace requires decentralization of power. The political system, the workplace, and education systems currently promote competition and conflict. When we are neither passive nor frightened, we become visible and viable as moral and political agents directing energies towards cooperation and mutual aid.


Mark Mason PhD
Twitter: notion2occupy

Mark appears on international media without corporate funding. Much time is devoted to researching US domestic and foreign policy concerns in an effort to provide accurate and humane facts and analyses. US corporate media functions as a powerful propaganda vehicle for US corporate interests. As an independent media analyst, Mark Mason invites support from concerned citizens. Governments, corporations, and corporate media dominate the mass media spewing misinformation and myth. -- I receive invitations to speak from many global points. --
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